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what did you do in the pandemic?

What Did You Do in the War, Daddy? is the title of 1966 movie, playing off the question adolescents were then asking WW2 veterans. Today’s events and risks pale in comparison. Still, the day may come when youngsters demand to know, 'What did you do in the pandemic?'

God bless and protect our health care workers, truck drivers, grocery store workers, manufacturers, delivery people, and so many others. If our garbage collectors ceased going to work we’d soon be dealing with worse than coronavirus.

What are you doing in the pandemic?

2/23 Hope Community used a video from a Chinese pastor to focus our Sunday prayers upon the people of Wuhan, China. From that day our challenge has been to be the church—a force out in our community seeking opportunities to do good work and offer authentic hope. We must no longer settle for just going to church meetings.

People of Hope Community are delivering supplies to strangers, checking in on neighbors, calling too-long neglected friends, supporting local businesses, praying. Allow me a personal report.

The Sunday before restaurants were closed, Belinda and I took up the mission to support local business. We lunched with the Castros at Torchy Tacos. Judy joyfully sanitized our table and chairs with hydrogen peroxide while occasionally misting our gathering. In a show of support Eddie bought gift cards. That evening we dined at Jax Fish House with a friend, adding a gift certificate to the bill; another small show of support.

The fish restaurant wait staff were anxious for their jobs. I wrote on the paper tablecloth that the church in Fort Collins was encouraging Christians to support local businesses and naively opined government wouldn’t shut down businesses. I assumed we’d be given clear information on social distancing and allowed to act accordingly.
That’s what Sweden has done. Their Public Health Agency’s lead epidemiologist Anders Tegnell explains the Swedish government trusts their citizens.

Returning to my personal report, like pastors everywhere I’ve had to re-engineer what Hope Community looks like.
As I said in a previous post, this is a good thing. Additionally, I’ve now twice telephoned every Hope Community household, including fringe people. (Got nice calls back from Kathleen Collins, Grace Leveillee, the Conlons and others.) Have checked on neighbors, belatedly leaving a note on the front door of one with serious health issues. Today, Belinda and I finish putting together twelve help-packs for homeless people as requested by Chris McCain.

What are you doing in the pandemic?

Gotta be more than shelter-in-place. You can still support local businesses, many are desperately trying to survive via curbside service and delivery. You can get on your phone and connect with some long neglected acquaintance; perhaps even burry the hatchet with an old nemesis. Be bold, ask neighbors and friends how you might pray for them. Pray for city, county, state, national leaders. Prayer is needed. ~