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On a NY City commuter train, Kevin Donovan and his Muslim friend found themselves sitting across from a family of South Asian appearance. While his friend talked with the father, Kevin introduced himself to the mother and her daughter, Aisha. As it was a school day, this was the only family on the train, so Mr Donovan asked where they were traveling so early in the morning.

“To see the St. Patrick’s Day Parade,” Aisha’s mother answered with a smile.
Rather like naming a daughter Mary in Christian culture, Aisha is a popular name for Muslim girls. It was the name of the Prophet Muhammad’s youngest wife. Mr Donovan writes, “So here were Muslim parents taking their daughter out of school for a day to attend a parade honoring a Christian saint, acting as if it was the most ordinary thing in the world. It can be easy to forget that most of those new to our shores are eager to become part of America.”

Humans share a thirst for freedom. The freedom to be yourself and express yourself. The freedom to associate with those you choose. The freedom of belief—to choose for yourself what you will believe and how to honor that belief. Anti-Christian countries repress some or all of these freedoms. In the West these freedoms may be under attack, but they are the bedrock of Christian culture.

The largest revival in Sweden in the last 100 years is going on right now; primarily Muslims becoming Christians, claims Professor Cashin of Columbia Biblical Seminary. He says Iranian migrants are especially enticed by Christianity. However, Christian converts in Germany and Sweden have been subject to abuse and harassment from radical Muslims. Open Doors Sweden reports that 53% of Muslim converts say they have been affected by violent assaults at least once because of their Christian faith. 45% report that they have been threatened with death at least once. And 6% claim they’ve been targets of sexual assault because they now follow Jesus.

those with eyes to see the Muslim refugee “crisis” has proven to be a great evangelism opportunity. True, many Muslim refugees desire to maintain and even enforce a form of the repressive culture from which they have fled. But a majority thirst for freedom—although they can be frightened by their thirst. Free people, free governments protect freedoms. When we fail to do that for the least among us, we fail Christ. ~

Dan Nygaard