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May through September speakers will recount how the Bible and the people of God impact their lives. The Bible is packed with people transformed by encounters with our heavenly Father. We'll look at some of those historic stories. You'll also hear stories of what God the Holy Spirit is doing in Fort Collins, even right here in Hope Community.

It all begins the week after Easter with a dramatic re-telling of two disciples unexpected encounter with the risen Jesus on the road to Emmaus—a village seven miles from Jerusalem. That mysterious meeting recounts the despair Jesus' followers shared after His crucifixion, and in spite of rumors of an empty tomb. That story reveals how the risen Jesus can set us free from any and every defeat, disappointment, or despair.

You'll also hear a story or two of acts of grace and sacrifice from people taking divine healing to hurting people. We plan to conclude Summer Stories with first-hand accounts from pastors who loved leading churches. Yet they honored God enough to give up their leadership positions to pursue Kingdom work in unique ways.

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Traditionally called a sermon; usually signifying a one-way discourse. However, sermon can be a conversation. As was practiced in the earliest centuries of the church, Sunday sermons conclude with Q&A.