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connecting with God and with people
receiving the peace of Christ and his love
exploring Jesus’ message "the kingdom of heaven is near"

pastor's council
The Pastor's Council identifies God's direction for Hope Community while prayerfully and critically evaluating our faithfulness in following the Lord's lead. The Council consists of individuals actively leading some ministry within Hope Community. While not everyone leading a ministry agrees to serve; every leaders who is faithful, available and teachable is invited to join the Pastor's Council.

Eddie Castro X fellowship inspirer
Highly awarded public school teacher, fluent in Spanish; Eddie is a sage-on-the-stage with a servant’s heart. His job is to constantly provoke us toward being an authentic, relational community.

Kay Dechairo X relationship inspirer
Over 20 years experience counseling children, couples, individuals and families, including several years as director of the Namaqua Center. Kay brings wide breadth of counseling experience and a deep well of wisdom.

Carl Elliott X home group inspirer
A self-employed, semi-retired handyman—sensitive and inclusive—Carl strikes up conversations with everyone, anywhere. The Elliott home fellowship gathers around a common meal.

Mark Fusher X worship inspirer
A self-employed business owner and creative artist with a unique sensitivity to the things of God. Mark gently ushers us into the presence of our loving heavenly Father.

Dan Nygaard X story-teller / pastor
Convinced the church is the hope of the world, Dan has invested his life encouraging other to follow Jesus. His job is to tell the stories of Jesus and teach people Jesus’ words; he’s a published author and attentive listener with 30 years pastoral experience.