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church beyond walls
The American church entered into a sad bargain with our culture; in exchange for our religious expression Christians agree to stay away from the public square. Jesus commanded His followers to go out into the world as gentle agents of the heavenly Father's healing, love and reconciliation.

good stuff created by people of Hope
God does amazing things in and through His people. Here's some of the great things out in our community and beyond, resulting from the effort of a few of the people of Hope:

local mission opportunities
Here’s a few samples of the good works we’ve supported. Great places to launch out and make a difference in your world.

prayer walking
Walk a neighborhood while praying. Inviting God’s blessing and revelation upon those living in the neighborhood. Being on the lookout to engage neighbors as neighbors and as ambassadors of Christ.

say hello
Should a Christian woman say “hello” to a Muslim woman?
When a woman says hello to a Muslim woman they launch a remarkable journey. What the women of the Muslim world need supremely is the sacrificial service of their Christians sisters. Your friendship with a Muslim woman can relate Christ to her. Say, “Hello!”

operation christmas child
Every year we join with thousands of churches and Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child, packing shoeboxes with gifts for children who may have never before received a Christmas gift. We've also been honored to send Christmas Shoeboxes directly to Holy Foundation Church in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.